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Spotlight on Excellence: Marc Replogle and the Replogle Firm, LLC

As we navigate through the early strides of 2024, many of us channel energy into fulfilling our New Year's commitments. A task often finding its way to the top of this list is creating a will—a cornerstone of responsible adulthood that should not be overlooked.

For those ready to tick this resolution off their checklist, I would like to shine a light on a distinguished professional in the legal field who has not only been my attorney but also a cornerstone of legal expertise throughout many years—Marc Replogle, One of our Network Providers.

About Marc Replogle

A stalwart in the law community, Marc Replogle's credentials are as impressive as they come. A 1988 alumnus of the Emory University School of Law, Marc's career in law is backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience. In 1997, after nearly a decade in practice, he took the significant step of establishing his firm, the Replogle Firm, LLC.

Celebrating over a quarter-century of service, the Replogle Firm is well-known in Atlanta for its excellence. Marc's specializations encompass corporate law, contracts, probate, collections, and personal injury, showcasing the breadth of his legal proficiency.

Transition and Community Impact

In 2022, Marc exhibited his adaptability and commitment to accessible legal services by strategically relocating his practice to Woodstock, Georgia. This move reflects his desire to contribute meaningfully and brings his expertise closer to the local community.

Personal Experience

Having worked closely with Marc, I know firsthand the caliber of service he provides. His meticulous attention to detail is remarkable, and his advice on contracts and probate is nothing short of sage wisdom. His dedication to his client's needs is illustrated in his attentively clarifying complex legal concepts, alleviating the stress that often accompanies legal proceedings.

Marc's professionalism is evident in every interaction. As someone who has benefitted significantly from his expertise, I can attest to the peace of mind that comes from being in such capable hands.

Getting To Know Marc

During our conversation, I touched upon a topic that resonates deeply with our mission—client care. With his profound legal expertise, I was curious to understand how Marc Replogle ensures every client feels seen and supported. His response was both reassuring and reflective of the compassionate ethos we hold dear at Untangled Mind:

"Ensuring a client-centered approach," Marc began with thoughtful consideration. Knowing Marc, this is intrinsic to the ethos of his practice. As the steward of his firm, he fosters a nurturing atmosphere where each individual receives professional and personal attention.

Measure of Impact

When asked about understanding the impact of his services, Marc shared, "My primary goal is to offer readily available support and regular updates to my clients."

Marc's response is detached from legal jargon and reflects a professional who extends beyond the call of duty to ensure holistic care and support. In Marc's words, one can sense a profound commitment to individualized care. This principle aligns seamlessly with our therapeutic approach, where every journey toward healing is honored with the utmost empathy and skillful guidance.


When asked why he chose to partner with Untangled Mind and Dynamic Growth Counseling and Consulting Services in our holistic provider network, Marc responded with considered respect: "It was the impressive knowledge and deep-seated commitment of the principals in both organizations that truly drew me in. Their unwavering dedication to their clients and their business echoed my values, cementing my decision to be a part of the holistic care we aspire to provide." This mutual commitment to holistic care ensures our collaboration extends comprehensive support to those who entrust us with their journeys.

Tools for Success

During our conversation, Marc Replogle expressed the wide variety of resources his firm extends: "I equip my clients with practical tools to help them navigate their legal challenges confidently. For those creating Wills and estate documents, I offer organizational resources to streamline this process. New business clients receive a comprehensive 'Minute Book,' with formation documents and ongoing corporate records. Similarly, clients involved in business transactions receive an indexed binder with all closing documents for future reference. Plus, my firm extends an extensive network of seasoned attorneys for specialized guidance. I aim to serve my clients as an all-encompassing referral resource, helping them navigate life's legal complexities with unwavering support and professional expertise."

In this diverse toolkit, Marc embodies our shared belief in empowering individuals with the necessary tools for their unique journey.

Best Advice

Inquiring about the most precious advice he could offer his clients, I found Marc's response to resonate deeply with our shared perspective on the value of specialized help in handling crucial matters of our lives. He said, "I would advise clients not to try to practice law independently. It's important to trust and rely on the proficiency of a legal professional. It's wise to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney. It's easy to unknowingly make errors when we step out of our areas of expertise."

Winding Down and Having Fun

In line with every journey having joyful reprieves, winding down our conversation, I coaxed Marc into sharing something personal. This fun fact would make us see the person behind the professional. Marc shared, "My wife and I are avid travelers passionate about hiking. We're on a quest to visit as many National Parks as possible. We've trekked through remote trails in places like Gates of the Arctic in Alaska, treasured memories of Denali, Acadia, Utah's Big 5, Glacier, Yellowstone, and many spaces. Yosemite is our next stop.

And to add a little 'chill' to our globe-trekking tale, "here's an interesting fact - I've set foot in the Arctic Ocean!"

His story, so full of life and exploration, is a beautiful reminder that, like the various landscapes we seek to traverse in the outer world, our internal journeys, too, are marked by intriguing paths that lead us to uncharted territories of growth and transformation.

Final Thoughts

For anyone eyeing crafting a will this year, or if you require skilled assistance with other legal matters, consider contacting Marc Replogle. His experience is not just extensive; it's paired with an unwavering commitment to his clients. Marc embodies the professional you want in your corner—someone who makes even the most daunting challenges appear conquerable.

So, if this New Year sees you looking to make headway on securing your legacy or untangling complex legal issues, let Marc Replogle be your guide to a resolution realized with confidence and ease.

Your legal concerns require nothing less than the best. Check out Marc Replogle and the Replogle Firm, LLC, for a consultation that will provide clarity and direction for all your legal needs.

Replogle Firm, LLC 1190 Buckhead Crossing, Suite C, Woodstock, GA 30189 770-884-4222FAX: 770-234-4226

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