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Best mental health counseling in East Cobb County, Georgia and North Atlanta Metro Areas.  

Untangled Mind, LLC

Piper Harris, APC, NCC partners with Dynamic Growth Counseling & Consulting Services, LLC; Piper provides in-person and telemental health sessions to individuals 25 years and older and couples.









You can find her at 1501 Johnson Ferry Ste. 104, Marietta, GA 30062


If you'd like to begin sessions, call our office at 770-317-1126 to schedule your session.

Or email me at

Sessions are 45-50 minutes; see our pricing
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I am a member of the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors), and I adhere to the AACC Code of Ethics; please read more about these here.

Supervised By Dr. Susan Belangee, LPC GA7099

Couch in a counseling room setting

The Dynamic-Mind Approach

Holistic counseling tailored to your needs.
Serving North Atlanta Metro areas.

Dynamic Mind Approach
Dynamic Mind Approach flow chart

Advantages of a Team Approach












If you feel trapped in patterns of anxiety, stress, trauma, or grief, consider this your space for transformation.

I'm a therapist with a deep-seated passion for facilitating change that truly enhances the lives of the individuals and couples I work with.

Like the many people I've assisted through challenging periods, you, too, can rise above your current circumstances with the aid of scientifically proven therapeutic methods rooted in CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy.

My primary goal is to help you see and think of yourself in a new light – which is often the first step

towards creating the life you've always wanted.

-Learn to Tame Anxiety
-Make Peace with Grief
-Grow Through Trauma
-Thrive in Relationships


Discover the Advantage of Our Dynamic Mind Therapeutic Approach

You're uniquely special, and your counseling should be, too.

We outshine others with our holistic approach to mental well-being.

Our therapeutic team, including Dr. Susan Belangee—a renowned expert in Adlerian theory, and Piper Harris, a seasoned counselor with a special emphasis on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, offer you an unparalleled mental health journey you won't find elsewhere.

Highlights of Our Unique Therapeutic Approach

1.  Holistic Approach: 
Our team uses a blend of traditional therapeutic CBT techniques, BASIS-A psychological testing, and Adlerian lifestyle principles to give a full-rounded support structure tailored to your specific needs.

2.  Comprehensive Assessment: 

Dr. Belangee applies the BASIS-A personality diagnostic tool to understand your lifestyle functioning fully. While Piper Harris assesses all areas of your life,  providing accurate, targeted interventions offering proof of your growth.

3.  Collaborative Treatment Planning: 
Our team works closely, developing a customized treatment strategy focused on your unique needs and enhancing treatment effectiveness.

4.  Integration of Approaches: 
The harmony of Adlerian-based lifestyle assessments and CBT counseling allows us to provide an integrated therapeutic approach, resulting in lasting positive changes in your life. Additionally, the team offers a unique partnership with a network of providers for other important areas of your life.

5.  Continuity of Care: 
Our collaborative approach guarantees you consistent support throughout your therapeutic journey, improving your overall care quality.

6.  Diverse Expertise: 
The merging of Dr. Belangee’s psychological assessment knowledge and Piper Harris' specialization in CBT counseling brings diverse insights, enhancing your treatment's overall effectiveness.

Embark on a transformational journey towards holistic mental health healing with our team; your well-being is our top priority.

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Visit Piper Harris at
(770) 317-1126

Visit Susan Belangee at
‭(678) 570-5809‬

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