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Social Media & Technology Policy

This document outlines my policies for social media use as a credentialed coach. Please read this thoroughly and learn how you can expect me to interact with technology. The following is our technology confidentiality statement.

Technology is ever-changing and has made possible our coaching relationship. Within the coaching relationship are ethical and best practices surrounding the use of technology and social media. Below you will find this information.

Separate Accounts

Piper Harris holds separate accounts, both personal and professional.  The sole purpose of the professional account is to interact with individuals seeking coaching services and sharing of information surrounding cognitive behavioral coaching, motivation, and more. You can access the professional accounts @untangledmindllc. Any accounts personal in nature are for private use only. 

Code of Ethics and State Laws

Currently, I adhere to the AACC Code of Ethics. Please refer to the ethics for more information.


Social Media and Networking

As your coach, I will not accept friend requests from current or former clients on social networking sites. That would violate professional standards of ethical behavior and potentially compromise your confidentiality.  As a Coach and business owner, I do maintain a social media presence but will not imply, infer, or recognize you as a past or present client on social media postings and responses without your written consent. As your Coach, I request that clients not communicate via any social networking websites. Additionally, I will not use social media or the internet to search or learn more about you without your written consent.


Please use email for administrative purposes (ie billing, scheduling questions) and reframe from lengthy engagements as I can not guarantee confidentiality through internet services. If you require additional coaching, please schedule a session and pay the additional session fees.  I do provide pose-session notes for you for continued reflection and action in between sessions, please give consent to receiving these emails following your sessions. I will answer your email within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Any messages received after 5 PM EST on Friday will be responded to the following business day.


Please use text sparingly. Text is for use of follow-up questions from your most recent session or to reach me if you're unable to attend your session appointment. Texting is not to be used as an extension of your session. You may schedule additional session time and pay an additional fee. Texts will be answered within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Any messages received after 5 PM EST on Friday will be responded to the following business day.

Location-Based Services

Please be aware if you use your telephone or other devices that provide location-based services while attending sessions, I cannot guarantee your confidentiality and privacy. Additionally, if you use location-based services such a social media tagging, I cannot guarantee your confidentiality as these services are connected to your carriers and settings on your devices.

Live Video Online Sessions

I attempt, within reasonable means to protect your privacy and confidentiality during our live online services through the use of GoogleMeet.  I will keep my office space clear of distractions and private from anyone seeing or hearing you during the session.  I request you do the same, as the session is for you and you only. Sometimes, during internet sessions, there can be internet disruptions. I will do everything I can to find a quick resolution; sometimes, this may be a disruption on your side which, at times, will entail continuing the session via telephone communication. Additionally, your records are kept offline in a secure, encrypted, and password-protected drive to heighten security surrounding your confidentiality.  In summary, technology is ever-changing, and there are implications to all of the above that we may not realize during our coaching relationship. Please ask any questions or share your concerns regarding our Social media and technology policies.


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