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Catalysts for Change: New Year Reflections with Your Expert Neighborhood Counselor Near You!

Reflecting to Project: A New Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

As we face the dawn of another year, many of us feel the pull of the annual tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions. However, a considerable number of these commitments tend to lose their shine by the time spring arrives. Today, I propose a more insightful and meaningful approach to this year-end ritual.

Tucked away in the heart of your community, Untangled Mind, recognized as the best counseling service in the area, has curated an approach that combines reflection and projection, marrying the lessons of the past year with the hopes of the upcoming one. A two-pronged approach to celebrate growth: through the "Yearly Reflection Worksheet" and the "Word of the Year" activity.

Yearly Reflection

The first step in this process is a reflective exercise. The “Yearly Reflection Worksheet” divides this exercise into three separate parts:

  1. Reflecting on the past year: This helps us understand our achievements, the challenges we overcame, our areas of improvement, and how we may have changed or grown.

  2. Reflecting on the present: This involves identifying our current values, strengths, and happiness sources, as well as recognizing what isn’t working.

  3. Reflecting on the coming year: This forward-facing section is about setting goals, foreseeing potential barriers, identifying personal development areas, envisioning our future self, and determining the first steps towards our goals.

Download PDF • 570KB

Word of the Year

The second step of our revised New Year's intentions is establishing a Word of the Year. Instead of or in addition to creating specific resolutions, we intentionally select a single word to act as our guiding theme for the upcoming year. This word is based on what we have discovered about ourselves through the reflection worksheet. The Word of the Year can act as a filter for our actions, helping to align our choices and behavior with our values and goals.

The "Word of the Year Activity" guides you through the process of selecting your word, from brainstorming potential words to choosing the one that most resonates with your intentions to find ways to incorporate this word into your everyday life.

Word of the Year
Download PDF • 429KB

Why This Works

This combined process of reflection and intention-setting has multiple benefits. It encourages self-understanding, fosters alignment between our actions and values, and provides a clear, simple focus for the year ahead. Rather than the often unrealistic pressure of New Year's resolutions, it gives us a flexible framework that can positively impact all areas of our life.

If you're ready to engage in an in-depth, meaningful reflection and set a potent intention for the year, I invite you to download our Yearly Reflection Worksheet and Word of the Year Activity.

Why Choose Untangled Mind?

At Untangled Mind, we pride ourselves on empowering our clients. But why are we the best counseling service near you?

We understand that everyone is unique, and there can't be a one-size-fits-all approach to therapy. Our counseling is tailor-made for each individual, built upon a rigorous assessment of various life aspects and psychological and personality functioning.

Working in tandem, Dr. Susan Belangee, a reputed expert in Adlerian theory, and Piper Harris, who relies on a foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), individualize this process to marry therapy with the distinct needs of each person.

Our approach involves a comprehensive assessment phase using the BASIS-A personality diagnostic tool to understand your lifestyle personality fully. This allows us to develop a customized treatment strategy focused on your unique needs, ensuring the effectiveness of the treatment.

Our holistic approach also provides a hand-in-hand plan for our clients that demystifies the counseling process. We think you should know exactly what steps we're taking and why. This transparency helps involve and invest you in the process, augmenting the therapy's success.

To learn more about our individualized process, you can explore our approach at

Times are Tight

We understand the economic strain many are currently experiencing and have therefore partnered with Mentaya, offering out-of-network insurance benefits reimbursement. Our clients now have the potential to recover up to 80% of their session fees, significantly reducing the cost per session, in some cases, to just about $50. With this assistance, we aim to make affordable our services to a more significant share of the community, fostering collective mindfulness and growth. Check your benefits HERE.

Holistic Services and Local Referral Network

At Untangled Mind, we're committed to supporting our clients in all areas of their lives. Recognizing that wellness takes many forms and that navigating life involves numerous practical considerations, we have been steadily building a holistic referral network. This network includes a wide range of trusted professionals in the community, from primary care physicians to accountants to attorneys.

We understand that when dealing with personal challenges, trying to find reliable assistance in other areas of your life, such as health, financial, and legal matters, can feel overwhelming. Our aim is to guide you towards quality services provided by individuals who uphold the same standards of trust and integrity as we do. This aligns with our mission of providing holistic care and support for our clients beyond counseling sessions.

Prepare for the New Year with Untangled Mind

We understand that introspection and personal progress can seem like daunting tasks. However, with Untangled Mind at your side, you take the first steps towards a more understood self, leading you to a more fulfilling, conscious, and successful new year.

Why not make your New Year's resolution to understand yourself and your aspirations better? Download your worksheets today to start your journey.

Or better yet, schedule your counseling session today and reap the benefits of an untangled mind for an untangled life.

Download PDF • 570KB

Word of the Year
Download PDF • 429KB

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