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Brownie Tales Volume IV: Laughs, Giggles, Farts and Narcissists

Welcome to Piper’s latest blog post; she has been having a tough week dealing with Zebedee, the Therapy pup, who decided he would eat a kitchen hot pad and undergo two emergency surgeries. I thought I would keep the blog going and give Piper some respite.

Today, I thought I would recount some of the most outrageous, side-splitting, and downright wild things I've heard during a counseling session. So, buckle up, grab your popcorn, and join me as I spill some tea about the eccentric, hilarious individuals I've encountered at our practice, Untangled Mind.

Moms: The Universal Nags

Let's start with the loving souls that brought us into this world – moms (although I'm not sure who mine is, but I’m sure she was a lovely bovine). You'd think that as diverse as humanity is, there would be a few different flavors of mothers, right? I mean, there are over seven billion people on this planet. Surely, there must be some variety?

Nope. All moms are nags. Yes, you heard that right. From my experience, there is not a single mother on this entire planet who does not thrive on nagging their children till the kingdom comes.

Case #42: The Tupperware Mama

Allow me to present the case of the Tupperware Mama to you. This mother, bless her heart, would remind her daughter to return the Tupperware from her lunches every. Single. Night. Never mind that her daughter was in college, living three hours away. Apparently, there's absolutely no room for compromise when it comes to high-quality containers.

The result? A stunning collection of vintage Tupperware that could probably put most museums to shame.

Siblings: A Battle Royale Only Your Mother Can Love

Elder ones or the younger lot, siblings are universally part of the formula for family chaos. Is there anything cuter than little angels constantly trying to rip each other's heads off? I think not.

Case #12: The Saga of the Stolen Teddy Bear

A particular pair of siblings caught my attention with their vehement debates – these two could argue over anything. It all began with a simple accusation: The younger one had stolen the elder one's prized possession - Teddy Mr. Fluffles, a 20-year-old, unassuming teddy bear. Bear in mind this sibling pair were 32 and 34 years old. 

What followed was an Amazon-worthy epic tale involving decoy teddy bears, repeated acts of espionage, and incidental casualties in the form of Lego block creations. Truly, I can't help but applaud their creativity and perseverance (and endurance). Why do you ask? They fight over this silly stuffed animal.

The eldest received the greatest inheritance after their father passed, leaving the youngest to battle over the silly toy and the eldest’s only desire to be the winner overall.

Can’t you feel their love?

Grown-Up Love: The Golden Years of Hilarity

As whimsical as it may seem, the world of aging adults exploring the dating world is a realm ripe with hilarity. As we all know, finding love is a rollercoaster in itself, but when it comes to the golden years, it's like a rollercoaster running through a carnival funhouse – eccentricity and humor at every turn.

Case #144: The Dynamic Duo

Meet Myrtle and Frank, two delightful seniors who found themselves riding the wave of love once again. Their story, in every sense, is just as amusing as it is heartwarming, but before we dive into the tale of this dynamic duo, a word of advice: When it comes to the amorous escapades of the elderly, buckle up, because age is certainly more than just a number.

Myrtle – oh sweet Myrtle! – decided to join a dating website that catered specifically to older adults, with a list of requirements every potential suitor ought to meet. Featuring demands like "Must be able to handle Myrtle's signature triple-layer chocolate cake" and "No allergic reactions to my 12 cats," her profile was quite an interesting one.

Frank, on the other hand, was utterly flying by the seat of his pants. You see, Frank's grandson had created a dating profile for him as a prank, and well, Frank couldn't help but chuckle at what he thought was just harmless fun.

Oh, how fate loves to intertwine the strings of destiny! Myrtle and Frank matched, and within minutes of conversing, they both knew they had stumbled upon something special.

The First Date: A Comedy of Errors

Their first date was a fantastic display of comedic timing. Frank, trying to make a grand entrance, tore a hole in his pants while attempting to stride confidently up Myrtle's front steps. Then, as if the universe was not done laughing, Myrtle walked out of her house to greet Frank and tripped over a cat (one of her beloved twelve), sending her fake teeth flying across the lawn.

The shared laughter that followed was the foundation of their bond, with this dynamic duo choosing to embrace life's hilarious little quirks and let them bring them even closer together.

Tales of Senior Speed Dating

When you think of speed dating, what comes to mind? Young, attractive singles trying their best to impress one another in a matter of minutes, right?

Well, imagine an entire room full of golden-aged individuals trying to share a lifetime of stories in the same short time span.

Myrtle and Frank took it upon themselves to encourage their friends to try their luck in the dating game as well. Together, they organized a seniors-only speed dating event that became the talk of the town.

The stories that emerged were pure gold. There were tales of expired love potions and the daring feats of online daters who dared to enter chat rooms, as well as passionate recollections of innocent flirtations, and some not so innocent-but I’m going to keep this writing to a G level rating, and simply looking for a fellow bingo enthusiast. Ears were stretched to their limits, but hearts opened up to the possibilities of finding laughter and companionship in unexpected ways.

And so, as we venture into the lovely world of senior love, remember one thing: Age is no deterrent to humor and life's exciting, wild twists and turns. In the words of Myrtle and Frank, "Love is like a fine wine; it just gets better with age – even if it involves more laughs and embarrassing moments in the golden years."

The "I've Been Told I'm a Narcissist" Chronicles

How about sessions that begin with the immortal words, "I've been told I'm a narcissist." Yes, my friends, you read that right. In my line of work, you'd be amazed at how many times individuals come in peering through their designer sunglasses, tossing their impeccably styled hair, and say those words, clearing the way for an engaging and humorous journey.

Case #259: The Mirror-Loving Marvel

Allow me to introduce Bill, a charismatic gentleman who had been advised – by his TikTok-using ex-wife – that he could potentially be a narcissist. To say that Bill's deep admiration for himself was comical would be putting it mildly.

The man had gilt mirrors in every room of his house - even the garage. Marilyn Monroe's famous quote, "I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it," seemed rather appropriate here. Only Bill wasn't a woman; he was just a man in love with his own reflection, living in his own world.

Every session started with Bill perfecting his hair and adjusting his clothing while gazing lovingly at his pocket mirror (OK, not so, but if he had one handy, he would!) His obsession with himself was so vibrant that even Narcissus himself may have blushed with resentment.

Granted, I’m having some fun with the embellishment of this story, but truly, Bill thought he could regale Piper with stories of his millions earned and tantalizing escapades that would endear her to him.  I guess he will learn better.

Coping Strategies: Switched

This journey, while intriguing, led to some hilarious counseling strategies while working through his sessions. Some of the counseling methods were unconventional, to put it subtly. My favorite? Piper would occasionally and directly ask Bill, versifying his morning affirmations for others rather than himself, offering that he could be “NOT all that.”  She did this so intelligently and elegantly, dancing between his odes to self and swiftly countering them. 

His responses were works of comic genius, an amalgamation of Shakespeare's rhythm, Dr. Seuss's cheekiness, and a significant healthy splash of Bill’s narcissistic (not so) charm.

The Sound-Off: I'm Too Sexy for My Shirt

Our sessions would often sound more like casting preparations for the next Zoolander movie rather than a counseling session. "I'm too sexy for my shirt" became our de facto anthem. Our singing it, regularly varying between a sultry whisper and an ambitious falsetto, became a daily feature.

Conversations with Bill were filled with his self-confirmations and ego massages. It came to a point where I found myself caught in a crossfire of narcissism and hilarity, mapping out his week into 'Humility Tuesdays' and 'Self-Obsession Saturdays.' It was always a ride with Bill!

To all the "Bills" out there, I say, keep being you, you fabulous, mirror-loving marvels. Yes, you may be a narcissist, but guess what? There's no laughter quite like the laughter you bring into the world. 

Behind The Scenes: Unraveling The PiperEffect

Alright, where were we? Ah, Piper! Now, here's a character you all need to meet.

Piper is the therapist, the eye in the center of the storm. Imagine staying composed amidst Bill's egotistical quirks, laughing off Myrtle and Frank's hilarious romantic escapades, holding back laughter as parents continually debate about the mundane, and somehow making sense of the madness that is family dynamics.

As her assistant, I sit on the sidelines (under her rear), marveling at her patience and poker face. I find myself wondering, "How does Piper manage to keep a straight face despite the barrage of wild stories unfolding before her?"

An Office and Its Hidden Secrets

Piper's office, to the untrained eye, is a sanctuary of calm and tranquility - a haven for those in need. Underneath this tranquil surface, however, is a whole different reality. It is within this very sanctuary that straight-faced discussions about vintage Tupperware superiority and narcissistic monologues take place.

Piper's Great Gas Misadventure

Before I sign off, dear readers, I would be positively remiss if I didn't share one of Piper's own hilarious episodes. The eccentricities of life don't discriminate, and even our therapist has had her memorable moments of uproarious laughter.

The Dreaded Therapy-interrupter Strikes

It was a fine afternoon, the sun streaming through the blinds and the gentle hum of the air conditioner in the background. Stacy, a new client, was about to embark on her therapeutic journey with Piper. She began sharing her story, an intricate web of relationships, heartbreaks, and attempts to find love in an unpredictable world.

As Stacy covered the delicate tapestry of her life story, Piper, our therapist extraordinaire, found herself faced with an unexpected hurdle: the dreaded need to expel some gas. Like a silent predator, it began building up, causing Piper to mentally debate the repercussions of letting it loose in the confined therapy space.

The Moment of Truth

Time seemed to go by excruciatingly slowly, and with each tick of the clock, the pressure within Piper continued to mount. Finally, in an eleventh-hour attempt to ward off disaster, she opted to try and release it as surreptitiously as possible.

Our therapist shifted in her seat, expertly adjusting her posture, believing she could outsmart this gas attack. Alas, dear readers, the best-laid plans of mice and therapists often go awry, and Piper's attempts to be discreet failed her miserably. What she thought would be a gentle, undetectable whisper was a resounding, comical toot reverberating through the office and the stench?  Ever smelled raw sewage?

Laughter and Human Connection

As the sound rattled the walls, an eerie silence filled the room like thick fog (well, and there actually was a thick fog). Stacy’s eyes widened and teared up, and our indomitable Piper blushed a furious shade of crimson.

But as God would have, in His infinite wisdom, decided that this wasn't to be a moment of mortification. No, instead, it was to be a moment of human connection.

For, in a heartbeat, both Stacy and Piper broke into peals of raucous, unstoppable laughter. The tension dissipated like a popped balloon, and the rest of the session was conducted amidst hearty laughter, the memory of that hilarious episode lingering like a comforting, ever-present friend.

Piper: The Laughter Champion

The tale of Piper's Great Gas Misadventure has been enshrined in the halls of hysterical therapy office memories. Our therapist extraordinaire has forever cemented her position not just as a laughter enthusiast but also as a laughter champion.

The Post-Session Laughter Fest

To most, Piper is the epitome of calm and composure. Here’s a woman who navigates the tumultuous seas of human emotion with a placid demeanor but lets herself revel in the humor of these situations once the day is done.

It's a balance, a delicate dance between professional exposure and cracking up at the delightful absurdity of it. And, I freeze these uproarious moments – Piper sprawling across her desk, laughter echoing off the walls, a pile of case files forgotten at the moment, just pure joy scrambling around.

I suppose it's moments like these that make it all worthwhile. Amidst the whirlwind of life's pain and tragedy can also come absurdities and humor; it's the PiperEffect that keeps us grounded in reality while simultaneously helping us appreciate the humor in everything, one burst of laughter at a time.

And that, my dear readers, is the beauty of life. We are all perfectly imperfect, finding joy in the mistakes we make and the laughter we share. Be they our own experiences or those of the people we encounter, the world is brimming with the potential for hilarity – even in the most unlikely places.

Until our next delightful adventure, remember - laugh often, laugh loud, and take pleasure in the absurdity that is the human experience.


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