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Brownie Tales: Volume II

Serendipitous Untangling?

She sat comfortably in my lap, my gaze (well, you know what I mean) focused intently on Piper. Piper, for many months now, had always been introspective and curious about the workings of her client's minds. Today, we sat together, delving into a topic that had been lingering in the back of Piper's consciousness - the journey that led her to change the name of her counseling business, Untangled Mind.

Piper leaned forward, her eyes gleaming with a mix of excitement and vulnerability. She began speaking, her words dancing with a sense of wonder. "You know, it's funny," Piper mused. "When I first embarked on this path, I always thought I would name my counseling practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or something equally straightforward. But life had other plans for me."

I sat quietly, urging her to continue, eager to hear the tale that unfolded behind this serendipitous change. As Piper continued, her voice filled with warmth and sincerity. She recalled how she got to where she was today. Recalling a day in fourth grade that had her sitting on the edge of the seat. Then she says,

"One day, during a session, it just happened. The word 'untangle' slipped out of my mouth so effortlessly, as if it carried a weight of its own. At first, I brushed it off as a mere coincidence. But it kept happening. Session after session, 'untangle' became an integral part of my vocabulary. It began to sound like a magical thread pulling me towards something bigger."

I leaned in, captivated by the enchanting way in which Piper recounted her story. The atmosphere seemed to shift as if God himself was poised to reveal secrets and joys to us.

"It was as if my spirit was whispering, trying to catch my attention," Piper continued, her voice growing stronger. "I couldn't ignore the power and presence of that one word. It resonated with me, deep within my soul."

Piper's eyes sparkled with newfound purpose as she elaborated on the significance of 'untangle.' "You see, in my own journey of healing and self-discovery, on pursuing this purpose to counsel, I had spent countless hours untangling the knots in my own mind. I knew firsthand the immense power and freedom that comes from unraveling the complexities within ourselves."

As her therapy chair, I couldn't help but feel in awe of the path that unfolded before Piper. It was as if the name change had become a symbol of her own growth and transformation, a testament to the power of following the path to healing, even with pain involved. I was filled with courage listening to her.

With a blend of confidence and vulnerability, Piper shared her vision for Untangled Mind. "I wanted a name that captured the essence of what I aim to create - a safe haven where individuals can untangle their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. A place of solace, compassion, and connection. And it was in the accidental repetition of that word, 'untangle,' that I found the guiding light to shape my business."

Piper rubbed my arms as she wrapped her legs under her, and a sense of purpose radiated from her being. "Untangled Mind represents the belief that no matter how tangled our thoughts may be, there is always a way to find clarity, growth, and healing. It's a reminder that our minds hold incredible power, and with the right support and guidance, we can find our way back to our best selves. It brings hope. That's all I want, to bring hope."

In that moment, I felt privileged to witness the journey that led Piper to embrace the transformative power of 'untangle.' Her story served as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless possibilities that lie within.

Listening to Piper's eloquent narrative, I couldn't help but recognize the profound impact that Untangled Mind would have on those who sought solace and guidance. It was a name that carried within it the stories of untold lives waiting to be unraveled, their unique threads woven into the fabric of this extraordinary journey.

Together, we embarked on this new chapter, where the untangling adventure would continue, one courageous step at a time. And through it all, I would be there, at Piper's side, witnessing the beautiful and transformative power of Untangled Mind.


Want to learn more about Piper's Story? Watch the video below at her recent speaking event.

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