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Unravel the Knots of Your Mind,
Rediscover Your Inner Strength.
Embrace the journey of transformation with compassionate and evidence-based therapy tailored to your unique needs.

Welcome to Untangled Mind, where we guide you in solving the complex puzzle of your thoughts and emotions. We provide a safe haven for adults dealing with anxiety, stress, trauma, or grief. With scientifically proven therapeutic methods, we empower you to look at life through a fresh lens—that of resilience, growth, and well-being.


Let's embark on the path towards the life you've always desired.

Untangling Your Thoughts to Transform Your Life


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Hi, I'm Piper. I'm the guiding hand behind Untangled Mind LLC, a safe haven for adults seeking solace from various mental health challenges.

If you feel trapped in patterns of anxiety, stress, trauma, or grief, consider this your space for transformation.

I'm a therapist with a deep-seated passion for facilitating change that truly enhances the lives of the individuals and couples I work with.

Like the many people I've assisted through challenging periods, you, too, can rise above your current circumstances with the aid of scientifically proven therapeutic methods rooted in CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy.


My primary goal is to help you see and think of yourself in a new light – which is often the first step towards creating the life you've always wanted.



Anxiety can often feel like a tangled knot in your thoughts. I specialize in easing this knot. My approach combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and neuroscience, providing custom solutions for managing anxiety. My goal is to empower you to regain control and live an unburdened life. 

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In the shadows of loss, grief may seem an unbearable weight. My mission is to guide you gently through this emotional landscape. Harnessing empathy and proven therapeutic tools, I offer personalized support to ease your grief and help you rediscover your balance. 



Trauma may darken your door, but it doesn't have to detain your journey. I employ a blend of therapeutic techniques customizing strategies to transform trauma into resilience. No matter the nature of your experiences, together, we can illuminate your path toward healing and growth.

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Relationships are the heartbeat of our lives - they're central to our happiness and sense of self. But sometimes, our ability to form healthy bonds is affected by unresolved attachment issues. Not only do I help improve relationship dynamics, but I also focus on healing attachment wounds. Using practical and empathetic techniques, I support you in fostering secure attachments, enhancing your relationship quality, and promoting overall well-being.


Services are available online and in person; online, we utilize a private, confidential, and safe platform for our sessions. Additionally, our office is conveniently located for both Cherokee, Cobb, and Fulton counties in the heart of East Cobb, Georgia.


We are transparent with our session pricing and work with you to find a fee structure that works for your life and allows for your healing.  

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Meet Piper

Headshot of Piper Harris, CBT Trained Clinician

A Compassionate Counselor Guiding You Towards Growth, Nurtured by Personal Experiences

Welcome! I feel deeply privileged to be a part of your journey towards healing and growth. Allow me to introduce myself—someone who shares many life experiences with you. I am not only a dedicated counselor with over 20 years of expertise but also a devoted wife of almost 20 years, a proud mom to two teenage sons, a faithful Catholic, a retired private chef, and a former owner of a women's fitness studio. Each chapter has uniquely shaped me, ultimately leading me to embrace my calling as a counselor.

A Partner in Your Journey of Personal Growth

Let me assure you that, as your counselor, I am not only here to listen and support you but to co-create a personalized roadmap for your journey toward healing and growth. Our sessions will be grounded in evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), allowing us to explore and address the challenges and goals that matter most to you. Together, we will navigate the intricacies of relationships, personal identity, life transitions, and any other areas needing attention. Through our collaboration, I will provide guidance, empathy, and practical tools to empower you to make positive changes.

A Soulful Approach to Healing, Guided by Faith

As a woman of Catholic Christian faith, I can integrate spiritual and religious dimensions into our counseling journey, should you desire. I respect and cherish each person's unique spiritual journey, drawing inspiration from the values that guide them. If spirituality is an important aspect of your life, we can explore how it can bring comfort, meaning, and healing into your therapeutic process.

Embrace Your Unique Journey Towards Wholeness

Today, an extraordinary chapter unfolds in your life—one in which you take the courageous step towards healing, growth, and fulfillment.  I am honored to join you on this transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Today marks the beginning of a path toward healing, growth, and a life filled with purpose and joy.

Isaiah 61:1-4

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