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Untangle Your Mind, Untangle Your Life

​On the outside, you're holding it all together, managing every detail with precision.


But in quiet moments, things are falling apart at the edges, right?


You can't sleep, you can't motivate, and you may forget to eat more often than not, or maybe you can't seem to stop overeating. You're foggy-headed, and you snap at people you care about. You don't know what self-care looks like, let alone how to include it.


You've tried everything, but nothing has worked.


Don't worry; I understand that's not an excuse but a manifestation of how anxiety, trauma & grief affect every part of you: health, sleep, appetite, and, in turn, your well-being.

You know you need help. It's entirely OK to need help.


I use CBT (Cognitive-behavioral therapy, the most effective tool). You're thinking, "I don't care about therapy jargon or what the tools are... I want to feel better and relieve these overwhelming feelings."


And you're absolutely right. You're seeking peace, not a therapy lesson.

The anxiety, trauma, and grief are real & valid; I know they are causing you pain.

And I know I'm the one to help.


Remember, no matter how tangled things seem, I'm here to help.

Holistic CBT guides me; we work together. I see you, hear you, & know you're much stronger than you think.


I don't promise instant fixes, but you will find lasting change.

Are you ready to recover from anxiety, trauma, and grief?

Who I Work With And Why

I tailor your therapy that nurtures profound healing in anxiety, trauma, and grief.

You may be looking for just the right therapist and find that you can't seem to find the right "fit." I understand. I believe the counselor has the responsibility to explain to whom we work best and why.

My typical client is 35 years or older and looking for relief from anxiety, trauma, and grief. My clients understand that they are coming to do the "work," including lively conversations, use of specific CBT tools, and learning about the brain and body while utilizing homework inside and outside the session.

My client understands that you must step into the difficult process to effect change. I will hold you accountable to your goals. And I expect you to hold me to my duties as your therapist. This is a relationship; it's not one-sided.

Finally, why don't I work with other individuals like kids or teens or areas like depression?

Over the past twenty years in the psychology and counseling fields, I have worked with everyone and in everything. And I'm definitely not good at everything. Some may think saying I'm not good at something is unwise. I disagree. Why cause you and me difficulty when I could just be honest from the start?


I know who I work best with, and my toolbox is best for adults 35 years of age and older who experience anxiety, trauma, and grief. If you still want to chat about how we could work in a different area, schedule a complimentary consultation. If it's not a good fit, I will let you know AND I will provide you with stellar referrals of individuals I would trust with your care.


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Untangled Mind, LLC

It can be intimidating to take the next step. Schedule a consultation, no strings attached. Learn how I will work with you and help you find relief.



Anxiety can often feel like a tangled knot in your thoughts. I specialize in easing this knot. My approach combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and neuroscience, providing custom solutions for managing anxiety. My goal is to empower you to regain control and live an unburdened life. 

Hands in a circle showing collaborative support



In the shadows of loss, grief may seem an unbearable weight. My mission is to guide you gently through this emotional landscape. Harnessing empathy and proven therapeutic tools, I offer personalized support to ease your grief and help you rediscover your balance. 



Trauma may darken your door, but it doesn't have to detain your journey. I employ a blend of therapeutic techniques customizing strategies to transform trauma into resilience. No matter the nature of your experiences, together, we can illuminate your path toward healing and growth.

Happy healthy adults showing growth through counseling
Untangling Your Thoughts to Transform Your Life


Piper Harris counselor headshot

Hi, I'm Piper. Untangled Mind LLC is a haven for adults seeking relief from various mental health challenges.

If you feel trapped in patterns of anxiety, trauma, or grief, consider this your space for transformation.

I'm a therapist with a deep-seated passion for facilitating change that truly enhances the lives of the individuals I work with.

Still not sure? Read some of our client reviews or visit our Google Business Profile, where you will find courageous stories of individuals I have worked with. Or learn more about me HERE.


My primary goal is to help you find relief, untangle, and gain the tools you need to have a fulfilling and content life. 

Let'chat. Schedule a complimentary consultation today.


Services are available online and in person; online, we utilize a private, confidential, and safe platform for our sessions. Additionally, our office is conveniently located in neighborhoods 30062, 30068, and 30075. Seated in the heart of East Cobb County, Georgia.


We are transparent with our session pricing and work with you to find a fee structure that works for your life and allows for your healing.  

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