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At Untangled Mind, we believe in personalization of therapy to suit your needs. After all, every individual's experience is unique. We offer a specifically curated range of services to fuel transformation and growth at a pace that's comfortable for you

Welcome to Untangled Mind, where we believe in offering comprehensive, personalized counseling services that meet your unique needs. Our commitment is to help you find the healing and growth you seek.

Piper Harris, a specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and holistic counseling, offers a variety of therapy sessions, ranging from single, initial intake appointments to packaged sessions intended for dedicated, ongoing counseling.

We understand that the financial side of seeking therapy can sometimes be a concern, so we're committed to assisting you in making these services as accessible as possible. 

We do not accept insurance. An individual "super bill" is provided each month that can be used for reimbursement for out-of-network costs with your insurance provider.

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Why Don't We Accept Insurance?

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Individual Therapy

Anxiety         Trauma          Grief

Rediscover your inner strength one-on-one, guided by certified CBT Therapist Piper Harris.

Sessions are 45 minutes long; clients may book multiple sessions per week or extend sessions based on availability and additional fees.

In Office & Teletherapy for GA residents.


Initial Intake

This includes multiple assessments and a coordinated and written plan for counseling.


At Untangled Mind, we understand that each person's journey toward healing is unique, and sometimes, the traditional session-to-session method may not resonate with everyone's needs. That's why we take an unconventional yet proactive step and offer therapy packages. While it may depart from the industry norm, we do this with your best interests at heart.


Our therapeutic packages are designed to foster accountability toward your wellness goals, offering cost-effective solutions that encourage consistent engagement. By investing in a package, you're investing in a structured, routine path to better therapeutic outcomes. Therapeutic consistency and routine have proven to be instrumental in fostering growth and transformation, elements pivotal in overcoming anxiety, stress, grief, or trauma.


We invite you to explore this unique approach, as it could become your ideal companion on this journey towards mental well-being.

            12 Session Package             

45 Minute Individual Sessions


14 Session Package
45 Minute Individual Sesssions


16 Session Package
45 Minute Individual Sessions


20 Session Package
45 Minute Individual Sessions


24 Session Package
45 Minute Individual Sessions


All prices subject to change

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