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Case Study: Trauma

Untangled Mind is proud to share the story of a client who sought relief from the effects of a complex trauma history. The client, whom we will refer to as Alana, had experienced multiple traumatic events throughout her life, including physical and emotional abuse, neglect, and sexual assault. These experiences left Alana feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with her emotions.

Alana’s trauma affected many areas of her life, including relationships, work, and self-esteem. She had difficulty trusting others and often felt disconnected from her own emotions. Alana had tried various forms of therapy in the past but had not found relief from her symptoms.

Alana sought help from Untangled Mind’s Piper Harris, who worked closely with her to develop a personalized treatment plan to address her complex trauma. Piper suggested cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a proven therapeutic approach that has been demonstrated to be effective in treating complex trauma. Additionally, trauma processing involved exposure and narrative techniques.

At first, Alana was unsure about undergoing therapy, but they soon discovered that CBT was an instrumental tool for managing their symptoms and regaining control of their life. She acquired practical skills for recognizing and challenging negative thought patterns, which aided her in feeling more in charge of her emotions. As she progressed with therapy, Alana also acquired techniques for processing her trauma and finding strategies to cope with her symptoms.

Through her hard work and dedication to therapy, Alana made significant progress in her mental health journey. After undergoing therapy, she expressed feeling more in tune with her emotions and more capable of trusting others. She also noted decreased symptoms associated with depression, hypervigilance, intrusive thoughts, and nightmares, frequently associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The success story of Alana is a testament to the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy in treating complex trauma. At Untangled Mind, we are dedicated to delivering individualized, evidence-based treatment to support our clients in attaining their mental health objectives.

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