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The Gift of Presence

The power of personal transformation can sometimes manifest in the subtlest of ways. When a client walks through the door, exuding a newfound sense of calm and confidence, not even the slightest detail eludes the observant eye of a therapist.

During one such encounter, I noticed a distinct transformation in a regular client of mine. She walked to the session glowing in a way I had not observed previously. Her demeanor was confident, almost radiant. Interestingly, even the color of her nails had morphed—they were now adorned with a hue that accentuated her calm demeanor and appeared to align perfectly with her new-found calmness and assurance. I found myself compelled to ask, "What has changed?"

Her answer directed our conversation toward a fascinating individual, a testament to the power of personal style and color analysis. Cassidy Hewitt of House of Colour had become a part of her journey to discovering her inner brilliance.

Cassidy Hewitt: A Story of Radiance

Nestled in Acworth, Georgia, Cassidy Hewitt is no ordinary stylist. She advocates individuality, teaching individuals to shine and radiate confidence by understanding their unique styles and colours. A provider in our holistic provider network, Cassidy's work goes beyond the limits of traditional styling and ambles into the realm of personal transformation through color.

Her philosophy is grounded in believing that every individual is created for radiance. Cassidy guides her clients in adopting a mindset that promotes understanding their unique color palettes. Imagine waking up each day, knowing exactly how to present yourself to amplify your beauty and confidence—it's an empowering ethos that Cassidy embeds into every consultation.

Empowering Transformations

Cassidy's work is an ode to empowerment, framed by Psalms 139:14—everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made, and the works of every individual are indeed beautiful. Each consultation offers more than fashion advice; it stokes the embers of self-love and acceptance.

Those who have had the pleasure of working with Cassidy sing praises of her devotion to detail and her scientific approach to color analysis. Cassidy prides herself on her capability to transform shopping experiences from mundane chores to fun, personal adventures. She brings excitement and joy to every session, which is highly contagious.

As indicated by the delightful change in my client, Cassidy's services extend beyond simple style tips. They inspire individuals to present themselves confidently, dress in a way that bears testimony to their inimitable personalities, and illuminate their lives with a colour palette that makes their eyes shine and skin glow.

Through her work, the gift of presence is profound, and Cassidy Hewitt personifies this powerfully. She paints the canvas of life with the colors of individuality. She helps people reclaim the radiance they were born with. Her approach teaches us all that the journey to confidence starts from within and that we can walk in the beauty of our self-confidence to shine brightly.

Delving Deeper: An Interview With Cassidy Hewitt

In a quest to better understand the magic that Cassidy wields, I had the pleasure of chatting with her.

When asked, "What motivated you to start your business?" Cassidy replied with the conviction and passion that only someone truly in love with their work could possess.

"Empowering women is my mission and ministry," she began. She shared how she was gifted a color analysis one day, an experience that drastically altered her perception of herself and her style.

"What I learned that day changed my life. I left feeling beautiful, and I drove home with happy tears in my eyes. I finally had the knowledge and tools to feel this way every day."

Her encounter with color analysis had been a revelation, a transformative experience that she wished to share with every woman. She believed that every woman in the world deserved to feel beautiful, cherished, and radiant.

"Every woman in the world deserves to feel this way, so here I am, sharing that confidence!"

Measuring Impact

Intrigued by how Cassidy measured the impact of her services on her clients' well-being, I posed the question to her. With an aura of excitement and anticipation, she answered.

"The impact is immediate - and I get to see it! In the way they present themselves, in the confidence they feel in their clothing."

Cassidy fosters a supportive environment for her network by keeping in touch through email and text and organizing community events and clothing swaps. She establishes a caring connection with her clients that extends beyond their sessions.

"I see my clients in a whole new light, and it fills me!"

Indeed, Cassidy Hewitt's work underscores the profound connection between outward appearance and inner peace, illustrating that the impact of tactfully chosen colors and well-coordinated style can extend far beyond the realm of physical beauty. It seeps into daily routines, family time, personal productivity, and mental health, transforming the overall quality of life with every radiant smile she helps create.

Why Network

Taking the conversation forward, I asked Cassidy what motivated her to join hands with Untangled Mind and Dynamic Growth CCS, becoming a partner in the holistic provider network.

"I love the holistic approach of Untangled Mind, the knowing that for a person to feel whole, many tangible aspects can improve emotional and mental health, decrease anxiety, and improve the quality of life. I'm honored to partner with Untangled Mind."

From her viewpoint, the journey to personal wellness wasn’t solely fixed on mastering the mind. There was a deep appreciation for the intertwined roles of different personal aspects that create a sense of complete well-being.

Being a firm believer in the role colour places, it embraces and plays a crucial role in emotional and mental health; Cassidy was attracted to the holistic philosophy of Untangled Mind and Dynamic Growth CCS and our commitment to acknowledging these multifaceted aspects of human wellness mirrored her mission to empower women through color and style.

Cassidy's partnership with us underscores her dedication to facilitating transformational journeys beyond appearances and style. Every color she selects and advice she imparts aligns with the broader mission of wholeness, encapsulating how we present ourselves to the outside world and feel inside.

Becoming a part of the holistic provider network was more than just a partnership for Cassidy. It was an opportunity to join forces with a like-minded organization that shares her passion for enhancing lives holistically, thereby widening the reach of her mission to empower women worldwide. This partnership is a testament to Cassidy's commitment to her cause and her unwavering belief in the power of holistic wellness.


Curious about how she integrates various facets of a client's life into her service, I asked her, "How do you address the different aspects of a client's life, such as physical health, finances, mental health, and overall lifestyle in your approach?"

"Our focus is physical, but in a way that honors who the person was created to be - their unique design, who they were designed to be. Our process edifies, uplifts, and encourages clients to be them - be unique - and how to live in harmony with how they were created."

Cassidy's practice centers not just on her clients' physical appearance or aesthetic appeal. Of paramount importance is accepting one's unique persona, acknowledging and celebrating each woman for who they are and how they have been created. Her process is designed to uplift, encourage, and affirm each individual, reinforcing their self-esteem, individuality, and natural beauty.

"When you look good, you feel good; that confidence exudes and impacts every area of life."

Her insight into these interconnected facets of life and her ability to intersect her individual coloring and styling approach with holistic growth is what makes Cassidy's work so profound. Her method doesn't just cultivate awareness of one's style; it harnesses that knowledge as a stepping stone toward creating a life brimming with harmony, elegance, and radiant self-confidence.

Greatest Piece of Advice

When asked about the resources or tools she provides her clients, she detailed:

"In Color Analysis, clients leave with a color swatch fan so they can shop and sort their closet easily. They also leave with a color book, with lots of tips and tricks, and their color ratings - identifying the best colors, wow colors, better than black, neutrals, etc."

This tangible and thoughtfully curated set of tools is an efficient guide, simplifying their shopping experiences and closet-sorting endeavors. But Cassidy doesn't stop there.

"I also follow up with color inspiration boards - shoppable links for clothing in their season, as well as emails reminding them of some of the things we learned in color analysis."

With Cassidy, the learning and guidance extend beyond the appointment. From inspiration boards to emails containing vital aspects of color analysis, she provides continuous support to ensure her clients easily transition into living their color story. She adapts a similar approach after style analysis, reinforcing the clients' understanding and empowerment.

On the greatest piece of advice she’d give her clients, Cassidy shares an inspiring message that encapsulates her whole philosophy:

"You were created perfectly and harmoniously, on purpose, and for a purpose. Our goal is to discover more about how you were made so that you can learn to work with it. When we are in harmony with how we were created and learn how to honor and highlight our natural beauty, we're unstoppable."

Just For Fun

Lastly, just to add a touch of fun to the interview and unveil a little more about Cassidy's off-duty interests, I asked her a light-hearted question: "Can you share something interesting about yourself?"

"My favorite hobby is exercise! AND - I've never missed a Dateline episode or podcast. True Crime is my jam."

Gifting Presence

Cassidy Hewitt is a transformational figure, providing the gift of presence to her clients through her revolutionary approach to color and style analysis and exuding an aura of warmth and energy. Her radiantly life-affirming personality serves as a mentor for women wishing to discover and harmonize their true selves with their physical appearance. Her passion doesn’t merely stop at enabling women to look their best; it extends beyond, guiding them to feel incredible from within and exude a vibrant, irresistible self-confidence.

This holiday season, why not give your loved ones the gift of presence, the reward of entering a newfound relationship with themselves, guided by Cassidy's expertise and support? Trust that this gift, borne from love and care, will be more than a mere transformation in style; it's an invitation to a journey, a voyage towards self-discovery, acceptance, and unabashed self-expression.

We encourage you to get to know other individuals in the dynamic Provider network in the upcoming months. Engage, explore, and dive deeper into the holistic circle. Our network offers various resources, tools, and unique modalities to supplement your journey toward an integrated, complete sense of well-being. Here's to the adventure that awaits – lessons, revelations, and transformations!

Cassidey Hewitt House of Colour

(817) 773-7396

Social: Instagram @houseofcolour_cassidy Facebook @houseofcolourcassidy

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