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Ordinary and Extraordinary: The Alchemy of Love

Do you feel ordinary?

My favorite time is my mornings, especially this time of year. I pour a steaming cup of coffee, start the fire, and wrap myself on the couch to begin my prayer and bible study. Today, I woke up feeling ordinary, as if I wasn't doing enough.

Do you feel that way at times?

Many of us have moments when we wake up and go about our days feeling ordinary.

Despite our accomplishments or praises from others, we sometimes can't shake that pervasive sensation of being just another face in the crowd, another cog in the machine. This feeling is more common than we might expect, and it is one that I, too, experience often.

Although such emotions are not inherently harmful, dwelling too long in "ordinariness" can occasionally breed sadness, anxiety, or a sense of inadequacy. We may find ourselves trapped in a relentless quest for the extraordinary or paralyzed by the belief that nothing is exceptional about us. But this morning, amidst my prayer and reading, I was reminded of an essential and transformative truth: the ordinary is not only good; it's necessary, especially when infused with Love.

Ordinary is not synonymous with insignificant or unimpactful - a concept difficult to grasp in a world that clamors for the extraordinary, the innovative, and the unique. Yet, the ordinary sets the stage for everyday life: the simple hello to a neighbor, the act of making breakfast for our family, the routine of clocking into work—moments in and around which our lives unfold. The ordinary encompasses most of our life experiences and relationships and harbors an innate potential for meaningful impact.

During my quiet reflection this morning, I realized that Love kindles this potential. Love is the transformative element, the magic ingredient, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, the mundane into the meaningful. A simple, everyday act is transformed when performed with Love and care. A meal cooked with Love nourishes more than the body—it warms the soul. A shared smile emanating from genuine Love and gratitude can brighten someone's day instantly. The touch of a loved one's hand can assuage fears and ensure safety in moments of uncertainty.

When we undertake even the most mundane tasks with Love, we don't just perform actions; we create experiences. We build connections and forge ties that enrich our lives and the lives of those around us—transforming our world in subtle but profound ways. In this transformative process, we are not just passive elements being acted upon. A remarkable weight is lifted from our shoulders, the importance of striving to be "more," to be "extraordinary." Love does the heavy lifting; our role is merely to act as a channel.

I found a release from the burden in this realization. The pressure to be the best, most studied, and constantly be more— gave way to a gentle surrender to the Grace and potency of Love. It isn't solely my responsibility to do the significant work, to be out-of-the-ordinary. My role is more straightforward: to infuse Love into my everyday actions, and therein lies the extraordinary.

In my prayer and reading this morning, I experienced my ordinary moment made extraordinary by the act of Love—Love for God, Love for others, and Love for the synchronicity of life.

"Synchronicity" is a term coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to describe the occurrence of meaningful coincidences that cannot be explained by cause and effect. If you have spent significant time with me, you will hear me say, "I don't believe in coincidences."

The transformative element that metamorphoses these ordinary instances into extraordinary ones is Love - a Love bestowed upon us by our Creator. It's Love that extends from belief in God. Love is the divine synchronicity that infuses our lives with meaning and purpose.

I allowed ordinary feelings, treated them with Love, understood them, and transformed them into a teaching moment.

The truth is, we are all, at our core, ordinary— in the sense that we all share common hopes, fears, dreams, and struggles. And in the ordinary, we find the common ground, the shared essence, the unity that binds us in this vast and diverse human experience.

Ordinary doesn't mean mundane or insignificant; it means human, relatable, real. It is in the ordinary that we find the extraordinary—the extraordinary power of Love, kindness, and authenticity. Through the lens of Divine Love, we can see the extraordinary hiding in the ordinary. And that is an extraordinary realization in and of itself.

As we approach the Christmas season, we are reminded that Love was born into this world in the most ordinary conditions, a humble manger depicting the true essence of Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ. This miraculous event reminds us that the extraordinary often resides within the ordinary, wrapped in the purest form of Love. Engulfed in Divine synchronicity, Jesus's birth represents an eternal Love that is timeless, empathetic, and life-saving-compassionate.

This Christmas, I encourage you to channel this Love into your everyday actions, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Love drives our actions, our lives reflect Love, and help us witness the transformative power of Love and the synchronicity present in everyday life.

I urge you not to be burdened by the pressure of being always extraordinary on your own. Instead, embrace the extraordinary power of Divine Love. This power transforms our internal being and the external world and has an indelible impact on our mental and emotional well-being.

Embrace the ordinary, act with Love, and witness the transformative power of Love in everyday life. This Christmas, I pray you embrace the birth of Jesus and feel the Love within you, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary marvels.

Read more about this Christmas season: Luke 1:26-38

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