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Awaken Wellness:

Discover the Strength of Vagal Activation

You're on a journey toward wellness, and it's important to acknowledge that our bodies and minds are powerful allies in this quest. They're interwoven in ways more profound than we often realize, working in unison to build resilience and fortitude.


Ready for a game-changer?


Explore vagal activation - a transformative technique that alleviates stress, enhances relaxation, and brings about emotional balance. Start by checking out some easy-to-follow techniques below, delve into the recommended resources, or tap into Piper's expertise.


Remember, any step towards boosting your vagal tone and quieting those unwanted responses is a step towards well-being.


Reach out to Piper with Untangled Mind for guidance on your journey. Let's awaken your wellness, one breath at a time.

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What Is The Vagus Nerve?

You know that exhausted but content feeling you get after a good workout? Part of it's thanks to your Vagus nerve. This super nerve helps your heart rate lower out and dials down your stress hormones, which helps your body recuperate after hitting the gym hard.

But it's not just about physical recovery. The Vagus nerve is a huge help for keeping gym jitters at bay.

​How, you ask? Well, things like yoga and meditation get the Vagus nerve toning, which dials down your stress and inflammation responses. That means you can feel a whole lot less nervous about stepping onto the gym floor and a whole lot more focused on nailing that workout.

There are even some simple routines designed to get your Vagus nerve fluttering. Integrating these into your regular gym routine might just enhance your gym experience.

Bottom line? Giving your Vagus nerve a little love not only helps your body bounce back from those gym sessions, but it can also throw a wrench in that performance anxiety. 

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The vagus nerve is a crucial element in your body's ability to relax and calm down after experiencing stress. It's one of the largest nerves - starting from your brain, running through your neck, and going all the way to your abdomen. This nerve controls vital functions such as digestion, heart rate, and immune response.

Think of it like this: When you're stressed, your body goes into a "fight or flight" mode, handled mainly by another part of your nervous system. This is when you feel your heart racing, your palms sweating, and your breath quickening. The vagus nerve belongs to a different part of your nervous system, which calms your body down from this high-alert state.


When the vagus nerve isn't toned, it can lead to a multitude of issues in several systems of the body:


  • Digestive system: The vagus nerve regulates the digestive process. A weak vagal tone can result in digestive issues, such as bloating, indigestion, and constipation. It can also lead to slower metabolic functioning and inadequate absorption of nutrients.

  • Cardiovascular system: The vagus nerve plays a pivotal role in heart rate control. Poor vagal tone might result in rapid heart rate and blood pressure issues, causing undue strain on the heart.

  • Respiratory system: Though not as direct as other systems, the vagus nerve impacts our respiratory system through its influence on our heart rate and anxiety levels, which can affect our breathing rate.

  • Immune system: The vagus nerve has anti-inflammatory properties, and if it's not well-toned, the body may have a harder time regulating inflammation. This could potentially lead to an overly reactive immune system and persistent inflammation4.

  • Endocrine system: The vagus nerve also impacts our hormonal balance. A decrease in vagal tone can dysregulate the hormonal equilibrium of the body, elevating cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and disrupting various bodily functions, from sleep to metabolism.



Welcome; you will find a few vagal activation techniques that will help you with stress and traumatic experiences.

The practice of exercises is done at one's own risk.

Try These Vagal Activation Products:

Vagal Nerve Activation


Follow the box breathing to allow for deep, stress-relieving breath.

Beach at Sunset


Click the link below for music and meditation.

Music & Meditation


Listen to the sensory grounding exercise.

Sensory GroundingPiper Harris
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Gradient Ocean
Stretching on a Cliff


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You might be wondering, "Why would a mental health counselor like Piper Harris promote services at a gym or help with something like vagal activation?" The reason is simple: your mental and physical well-being are closely connected. Your daily experiences, like difficulty sleeping, lack of motivation, and feeling overwhelmed, are all signs that your anxiety, trauma, grief, stress, or relationship issues need attention.

As your therapist, Piper focuses on using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) - a highly effective method - to bring about real, transformative change. She understands your desire to find relief from the heavy emotional burden you carry.


Additionally, Piper believes in whole body wellness, having owned a women's fitness studio and earned her NASM CPT and Behavioral Nutritional certificate through Precision Nutrition.


With Piper's compassionate and professional guidance, you will soon discover that relief is within your reach.

Piper acknowledges the reality of your struggles and knows that she can be of service to you. Through CBT, she'll empower you with tools and understanding, helping you realize your own inner strength. It's important to know that change may not happen overnight, but Piper's unwavering support will lead you toward lasting growth and healing.

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