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Case Study: Interpersonal Relationships

When Maria came to Untangled Mind seeking help, she was struggling with a strained relationship with her mother that had been causing her significant distress. Maria and her mother had always been close, but in recent years, they had grown apart, and their communication had become increasingly difficult.

Maria received personalized treatment from Piper Harris at Untangled Mind, who carefully crafted a plan to address her unique needs. After thoughtful consideration, Piper recommended cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a proven therapeutic approach that has successfully treated various mental health concerns, including interpersonal issues. Additionally, Piper suggested multiple books and podcasts to assist in practicing and learning interpersonal skills.

Over the course of several sessions, Maria learned practical skills for identifying and challenging negative thought patterns that were hindering her communication with her mother. She also learned techniques for expressing her emotions in a healthy and constructive manner, which helped her to connect more deeply with her mother.  Finally, Maria recognized that her interpersonal skills grew, and she was better able to manage day-to-day at her workplace.

Throughout the course of therapy, Maria experienced a deeper sense of connection and empathy towards her mother's perspective, which had been absent for years. She developed improved communication skills, enabling her to express her needs and desires more effectively, gained confidence in managing challenging conversations with her mother, and learned to set effective boundaries.

Today, Maria and her mother have a stronger relationship than ever before, thanks to the successful use of cognitive behavioral therapy by Piper Harris at Untangled Mind. Their story is a testament to the power of therapy in helping individuals overcome even the most challenging relationship issues.

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